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Date: 10.02.2014

Another university project, which uses Bullet Physics SDKs as physics engine. I also released a source code with it, but be warned - it's written in highly on-the-fly manner, so you might have some problems understanding it . However, no need to worry, as now I feel confident to start making some Bullet Physics Tutorials soon.

The demo implements boxes, capsules, exploding grenades and baguettes , though these explosions are broken (I was playing around with them just a little, but I decided to leave things there, I probably know how to repair them, but I'll leave it for some future tutorial.)

The demo also implements a hanging rope with box attached and metal chain. I hope you like it, while you wait for my next tutorial .

You can play around with LMB, RMB, even MMB and many keys on keyboard (try to find them out ).

You can also download my Visual Studio 2008 built Bulled Physics SDKs, if you don't like building stuff yourself using CMake and other similar stuff: Bullet 2.82 Visual Studio 2008 Build.

Download (3.38 MB)
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dario90 (dario90@gmail.com) on 27.07.2014 09:36:47
Hi, it would be great if you make a section for Physics Programmming different from the Graphic Programming section, like a parallel project :) It just an idea because maybe it's necessary to explain briefly the physic properties that you simulate with Bullet Engine and probably you will need to separate the implementation of each property in different mini tutorials.

Great work in your tutorials with simple explanations. Thank you!
Michal Bubnar (michalbb1@gmail.com) on 28.07.2014 15:13:33
Yes, if I make Bullet physics tutorial (sometimes I will, but for now it's only sometimes, don't know when ), I will create completely another tutorial series for that. I have no intention to mix them with graphic tutorials, because Bullet itself doesn't have much with graphics itself
Sebastian on 10.02.2014 22:32:45
I think Bullet physics tutorial is great idea. What are you planning in this tutorial? Do you have table of content tutorial? Nevermind - can not wait next tutorials.
Michal (michalbb1@gmail.com) on 11.02.2014 12:59:18
Well, to teach the basics of bullet physics - what its structures are, what can be used where, working examples and so on. Nextu OGL Tutorial will still be Specular Lighting, which is pretty simple, and I actually have it coded by now, I just need to write an article to it. I hope I make it by end of the week, but I think my ETAs are worthless
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