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Alien Becher Attack

Date: December 2005

This is my first real game. It's FPS shooter with 5 weapons and same number of worlds. It was an entry to one competition for Czech and Slovak Republic called Becherovka Game 2005. Under action games it has ended on 4th place from 6. I think it is a good place, since I was only 14 when creating this game. I didn't write the collision detection code (just some of it), lots of 3D math code was copied. But if you're dealing with only simplest collisions (like here), you probably don't need to understand that math, you can find it anywhere around web. Though in more complex projects, you should understand the math.

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nicee on 13.12.2013 22:06:58
i love the serious sam reference :)
Nice game on 16.04.2013 14:20:37
If it was made in 1995 it would have been an instant hit!
Michal Bubnar ( on 29.04.2013 17:12:46
Shit! If I was born sooner I would have been a millionaire now
Evan on 29.01.2013 21:44:07
Lol couldnt beat it
eman on 14.04.2012 14:36:28
Kamil M ( on 19.01.2012 13:52:41
Wow :D The game is very simple, but gameplay is awesome xD. At all funny :)
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