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Hello everybody! My name is Michal Bubnar and I'm from Slovakia. I'm years old and I'm interested in programming (I use C++) and making 3D graphics. My nickname is michalbb and my e-mail address is In graphics and games world, I'm using Megabyte Softworks. Why? It's because It can be written as MB Softworks and MB are also initial of my name. So it's like Michal Bubnar Softworks.

Here you can find history of my "programming career":


Side-by-side with writing OpenGL 3.3 tutorials, I was finishing Bachelor studies at Comenius University. Now I have Bachelor's Title from Informatics. I'm continuing with OpenGL 3.3 tutorials, and also work on some side projects, like my model editor or the RPG game mentioned earlier Beyond The Skies.


So far, I recreated webpage, and started series of tutorials about OpenGL 3.3 and later. Hope I will keep on doing this, but I have almost no school this year, except for writing Bachelor's Thesis. I made 6 OpenGL 3.3 tutorials till the end of year.


Poor year for my graphics creation. I kind of overloaded myself with school (I took subjects from further years in order to have more time in the future), so I didn't do much on my webpage. Also, the OpenGL changed lately and I knew I had to look at it and learn it again. But I also work at one company, so the amount of free time that year was almost none. I only added GLSL part 1 tutorial to my webpage, which is now removed, because GLSL has changed since then.

However, I started working with one of my friends on RTS game called Beyond The Skies, which will be on my webpage later. It's a future-based RTS, and it should be the most complex creation by me ever.


In January, I have rebuilt my webpage from its base. Even though the design stayed (just slight changes), webpage functionality and usability has greatly improved. It's also because I moved webpage to my own domain now, since the old free webhosting has just become extremely slow, making downloads nearly impossible and webpage loading at very low speed awkward.

At the end of the year, I added The Lost Treasure on my webpage. Not much I did that year :D


At the beginning of January, OpenGL SuperBible has arrived. I started to study OpenGL seriously. Even though I read it, I just couldn't find time for programming OpenGL and trying the things out, mainly because of school (I really dislike the school system we have here in Slovakia). I've also participated in Slovak algorithm competitions, such as National Olympiad (I made it to national round), and it also took me some time to prepare for these competitions. At the end of January, I added Blasty Fireworks to my webpage.

During summer holidays I did some OpenGL work, but then school came again (this is my last year), and I felt the lack of time again. But I managed to finish new version of my MS Model Editor, now it's 1.20. I made significant changes in file format. Then I started working on another OpenGL app, called the Land of Naaerj. It was supposed to be small RPG Game and put under OpenGL Misc. But I didn't finish it that year.


Until summer I was learning mainly algorithms. During summer holidays I started to learn 3D Math (yes, I used it in Alien Becher Attack, but it was just working copied code) and creating second version of my own model editor, MS Model Editor. Version was 1.10. Now I understand this math and I tell you: math can be fun. I also created my first library, where I have all basic 3D math functions, OpenGL basecode and so on, in order to create more organized code in later projects. In September, I have rebuilt my webpage and moved it to new free webhosting, faster than before. By the end of year, I started updating my model editor to new version (1.2) with lighting and materials support and new way of making animations.


This year was poor on graphics programming. Only thing I added to my webpage was a demo called Winter Time. I also wanted to add here one project called Blasty Fireworks at the beginning of the year, but I was always postponing it and I have never finished it. So later I decided to put it at the beginning of 2007. But the problem was same and I didn't do it again. But I thought I will put it here at the beginning of 2008.
I also started a project to Becherovka Game 2006 called Becher Trader, but I have never completed it, because it was supposed to be a great strategy game and I just surrendered after I realized I'm not such a good programmer to have done it as I primarily intended.

This year I concentrated on studying C++ and algorithms more. There are much algorithm competitions in the world ( and another very good in Slovakia ( Knowledge of algorithms is very important in graphics and game creating. I recommend you to visit that TopCoder at least.


I kept on learning OpenGL and later I added two new things (which are now under OpenGL Misc): Invasion (sometimes in May I think) and Fight For Life (in September). During summer holidays I've created my first game called Alien Becher Attack as entry to one competition for Czech and Slovak Republic called Becherovka Game 2005. Under action games (it's FPS) it has ended on nice 4th place from 6. I think it was a good place, since I was only 14 when creating this game. It's under Games. I can say it was the year I learned most about OpenGL.


This year in summer I was first introduced to OpenGL. I have learned OpenGL basics and also C++ basics. I started to learn from czech version of NeHe tutorials ( Later I found (all tutorials there used to be free, now only some of them), which also helped me a lot. But I haven't read all NeHe lessons. By the end of the year I created my first (big?) OpenGL project called 2D Collisions and later Winter Wars 2. I posted them to NeHe site ( and also to czech NeHe. They can be found under OpenGL Misc.