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OpenGL Misc

Here you can find miscellaneous OpenGL projects, that I have created. They are just really random projects that I have created when I was bored or when I was trying something new . Enjoy!

This is my first RPG creation. It was created as a project for Programming subject at the Comenius University I currently study at. Unlike my other projects, this one was programmed using FreePascal, in Lazarus environment (it was obligatory for us).

You are a hero and you've been sent by king to find a long lost ancient treasure (what an original story, huh ). OpenGL Window has got a static resolution 1024x768. I've used newer version of my model format (now it's 1.25, extension is .mbsm). Enjoy !

Download (8.10 MB) (4004 downloads)

Blasty Fireworks is simple fireworks simulator. It allows you to throw some fireworks on ground and then to start simulation. It doesn't look bad, but I could add there some ultra-super breath-taking special effects (maybe next time) :-). Play around with these things and make as impressive fireworks as possible!

Blasty Fireworks were supposed to be here by the end of year 2005. I never decided to finish it, but now I did. Enjoy it .

Download (872 KB) (3663 downloads)

This is one of my bigger small projects. I was testing lots of things here. It is FPS shooter with 7 weapons. I was also testing my own model format (*.msm). MS Model Editor is packed within.

I used my library mgbsoft.lib, which includes some basic 3D math functions, OpenGL basecode, toggling fullscreen and changing resolutions (but I'm not sure if it works properly everywhere) and so on. So if you want to compile code, you must add mgbsoft.lib (and also freetype.lib) to your compiler library directory. They are included with source code

Download (4.15 MB) (4143 downloads)

This is just a small game I've created right after I finished creating Alien Becher Attack. I just wanted to add something on my webpage.

Here you can learn how to rotate object so it faces another.

Download (310 KB) (4089 downloads)

My second small FPS project. I think it still isn't speed optimized, but you've got more time to think about what you're gonna do before first enemies come. I added highscore there, there's just one highscore file with one number (its type is int, I think). So if you want to hack the game, just fwrite some int into that file !

Download (801 KB) (4832 downloads)

This was my first FPS (First Person Shooter) game. But is this even FPS game? It's got lots of undone and bad way programmed things, so it isn't just like real FPS. For example: The faster computer you have, the more difficult game is. Why? Because I programmed it in 2004 on an older computer and I really didn't know anything about speed optimization. FPS (now it's Frames Per Second) count on my old computer was always 60, so it runned as it should. But on faster computers there is higher FPS rate and more scene updates. So it can be so fast that you can just see how you respawn . But the newest graphic cards have some FPS caps - if they see they can generate thousands FPS, they just cap it to some value, 100 for example. It's practically the same if you have 100 or 1000 FPS, you can't see the difference. So I want to say, that this old thing should be playable on high-end machines !

Winter Wars 1 has never been created, I just decided to start with Winter Wars 2 .

Download (1.05 MB) (4275 downloads)

This was my first application in OpenGL, that doesn't render only static triangles and quads. It was also first thing I uploaded on my webpage. This small application uses for collision detection only simple quad-to-quad collision. There is some documentation packed within about it. It's really very easy and unexact way how to detect collision, but good for absolute beginners.

It's a nice example of lots of junk code, that works together .

Download (427 KB) (4516 downloads)