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Here you can find tutorials written by me. I have written pretty big collection of tutorials and articles throughout my life, and I hope one can learn many things from this arcane knowledge. There are different tutorial series, targeting different technologies.

Do you want to learn modern OpenGL from the scratch and you have no idea where to start? Then you're in the right place !

This series covers step-by-step learning of OpenGL 4 and later. There is no deprecated OpenGL stuff involved and the minimum OpenGL context used in the tutorials is 4.4.

As a fundamental library to handle basic stuff like windows creation, I decided to stick with GLFW Library, seems to be most widely used and is properly maintained.

All the tutorials in this series are hosted in their own repository on GitHub, so simply clone this repository and open for example Visual Studio Solution packed within and build them right away :

This series covers step-by-step learning of OpenGL 3.3 and later. As you may know, in OpenGL 3.0, most of old stuff has been deprecated (the fixed pipeline), including the easy-to-use rendering using glBegin() / glEnd() functions and in OpenGL 3.2 removed from core profile. Programming the new way may be more difficult than old way, but the results are worth learning it, trust me. These tutorials are also forward-compatible with later versions of OpenGL.