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Mark ( on 22.10.2014 17:27:38

I can't get the 14th demo file to compilie in VS2010... I'm getting the error "LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'freetype249_D.lib'"
I've installed freetype 2.5.3 and added the include directory to VS but I can't find these libraries.
marcecho on 27.07.2014 22:25:25
Hi, wouldn't it be better if you use QT, SFML, GLFW or SDL instead Win32 to create the Window? Your code would be portable to Linux. It's just a suggestion, good tutos anyway!!
Michal Bubnar ( on 28.07.2014 15:11:13
It would probably be, that is true. But my first idea, when I started making these tutorials in September 2011 was to make completely native Windows tutorials, that can run without any problems (at least on Windows). I also wanted to provide executable to every tutorial, so that user can really just download and play with no issues, dll or anything needed.

If I was to do it, I would leave the old style of tutorials and in addition, I would create separate copies with GLFW or SDL or even other operating systems. I would gladly do it, provided I had more time.

Anyways, the OpenGL knowledge you gain learning from this tutorials should be easily transferrable to your favorite framework / OS.
toti123 ( on 27.07.2014 11:16:45
will you make an Stencil Buffer and Frame Buffer tutorials? here I found one--> "" but you could to explain it better :)

thank you teacher!
Michal Bubnar ( on 27.07.2014 20:43:12
Of course! Stencil buffer is in future plans, and there is already example of frame buffer in 16th tutorial about rendering to a texture .

But stencil buffer shall be covered too, no worries there . But I really don't know in which tutorial exactly.
Carter ( on 08.05.2014 06:22:02
I love your tutorials very much,and gave me lots of help .And I Think terrain is very important for games,then we need LOD.Can you write some tutorials about terrain LOD , for example Chunked LOD.
Michal Bubnar ( on 02.07.2014 23:07:05
Sure, LOD tutorial is on plan. It will definitely be up once, but I really don't know when, so much things to write about
Paulo Filho ( on 21.10.2013 18:16:44
Hey Michal, I'm just dropping by to thank you for all of your hard work. I'm just starting with OpenGL, graphics programming and overall game development and I must say the way you teach is perfect due to its simplicity.

Keep up the good work, man!
tutorialbastardos on 18.08.2013 21:45:52
cus, pekny diky.. delas jeste nejaky hry?
vycisti si ten board jo? :-)
while (michalKeepGoodWork){live_happy;}return 1;
dej si lepsi captchu
Michal Bubnar ( on 30.08.2013 08:59:09

chcel by som nejake hry robit, ale skor tie tutorialy. Popravde strasne chcem robit hry, ale neda sa tomu moc venovat, kedze este rok studujem, pracujem popritom, priatelke sa venovat, este aj bubnujem, tak tazko no... ale aspon po tej skole snad nieco budem.

Teraz som spravil vacsi projekt zachvilu ho upnem, len na nvidii neidu tiene tak to musim pozriet. Neni to hra, ale take celkom pekne demo.
Samuel ( on 13.07.2013 13:37:16
Have you good tutorial on DECAL in opengl ?
Roman on 20.04.2013 10:47:13
Your OPENGL tutorial is PERFECT, I am really impressed. I did not believe that leaning shaders would be so easy. A lot of interesting topics. Thank you!
Michal Bubnar ( on 29.04.2013 17:29:13
Thank you very much, I really appreciate it and I'm glad you find them useful
Nebster on 21.02.2013 00:35:16
Hey, any progress on the next few tutorials? These tutorials are great so far! Keep up the good work! I can't wait till shadows!
Michal Bubnar ( on 21.02.2013 17:11:47
Well, I'm trying, my problem is that I till have lack of time (2 jobs, school, etc...), and evn though I love writing tutorials, I can't find much time currently to write tem. This wekend I will move on with reviewing for sure, first free weekend after a long time.
drmz on 18.07.2012 20:02:55
Hey, I thank you for posting these great tutorials for the benefit of all the opengl learners. Im very interested to know where do you read and learn all the information. I love the way the shaders are used in the tutorial. Can you please also point to some sources.
Michal Bubnar ( on 18.07.2012 23:41:14
Thank you, I'm glad you like the tutorials

And about the sources - I knew lot of stuff from OpenGL 2.1, there are still thousands of tutorials for it, but when it comes to modern OpenGL, there are not that many tutorials, so I collect fragments of information from here and there to form a tutorial. I also discover some things in trial and error fashion.

But one good source for learning OpenGL, even though for Linux, is this:
You have probably seen, there is a lot of useful stuff there.
drmz on 19.07.2012 11:35:04
Thankyou so much Michal.
Shay ( on 14.03.2012 04:54:24
I would like to use your tutorials only problem is that I switched to codeblocks ide with gnu gcc due to problems i had with Msvc 10

I get alot of errors from your examples so I'm trying really hard to address these errors i keep getting. :(

your tutorials look awesome.
Michal Bubnar ( on 14.03.2012 11:58:52
Well, I created these tutorials for Visual Studio 2008 with portability in mind. Even though I didn't try to compile it with GNU GCC and CodeBlocks, I thought it's not gonna be a problem. Are you getting compilation problems right form the first tutorial? Let me know.
Francisco on 08.03.2012 21:47:45
Tutorial 4 and tutorial 6 zip files seem to be corrupted. I was not able to open them. Can you verify them. Thank you
Michal Bubnar ( on 14.03.2012 11:57:15
Someone addressed this problem as well, but it seems that its just that download didn't complete well. I think that you might try just to download them again, maybe with another browser, and they should work. If I download tutorial 4 and 6 from this website, they work normally for me.
Francisco on 15.03.2012 16:00:59
I changed the termination from zip to rar to use WinRar and that way I was able to open the files. Just another workaround. Thank you for your great tutorials
termus on 28.02.2012 14:12:47
thank you for the tutorials. They are the best tutorials of "modern" openGL that i found so far
ND on 27.01.2012 23:15:36
Thank you Michal for nice tutorials, they are easy to understand and learn, please continue them if you have time and nerve :)
_aspx_ on 16.01.2012 23:14:35
Hi! Thanks for tutorials, they're simple, fun and well-explained. Found a problem when visiting - it says PHP Fatal error
Michal Bubnar ( on 16.01.2012 23:27:48
Thank you for reporting that error, I kinda messed up when moving to new server I'm glad you like the tutorials, I try to add them constantly, hope they help, you may spread the word
Michal Bubnar ( on 19.09.2011 12:18:44
Even newer commenting system. I re-added smileys, some jQuery, and it should work (I hope no bugs are there, but one never knows )
Michal Bubnar ( on 01.01.2009 00:00:00
OK, this is new commenting system. I hope it works well.
supo on 01.01.2009 00:00:00

Tutorialiky su super, len by som ich nepomenoval ze 3D Math. Popisovane operacie na vektoroch funguju aj v inych dimenziach ;-)
Taktiez ked je tato stranka hlavne o grafike, mal by si pouvazovat nad clankami o zakladnej veci v celej grafike - maticovych transformaciach (posuvanie, otacanie, deformacie atd).

"Well, I heard something about right-hand rule, but I didn't get the idea of it"

Mrkni na tu ruku:

ps: Gratulujem k tomu ProFIITu ;-) Vela zdaru dalej na sutaziach.
supo on 01.01.2009 00:00:00
Este som zabudol ;-)
Michalbb ( on 01.01.2009 00:00:00
BTW, tie clanky su dost stare, mozno ze by sa zislo urobit nejaky review a upresnit niektore veci
Michal Bubnar ( on 01.01.2009 00:00:00
New version of Message Board should work now...

Smileys have been added

Hope they won't cause problems
Aoiro Neko ( on 01.01.2009 00:00:00
Hello Michal.

Just thought I would complement you on your site(^V^)
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