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Up to 6th Tutorial Converted
Hey, I just added another 3 tutorials to the new github repository:

Megabyte Softworks OpenGL 4 Tutorials GitHub Repo

So now there are first 6 tutorials. I had to add FreeImage library, but I just added library and dll, no compiling this time like I did with SDL and glew, but for you it doesn't matter anyway, because you just download the solution and press Build All and it will (should ) work .

There is still a lot of work to be done before I convert all 29 tutorials, but I really want to take care and also repair many many reported mistakes in these tutorials reported throughout the years. Then I want to add that anniversary 30th tutorial and then start porting them to Linux, so watch closely .
An Update! Is this even real life? :D
Wow, an update! From me! After such a long time

Well, I've been trying to dedicate some more time for tutorials and stuff, but I had really difficult times at my workplace, I mean there was always so much stuff to do and it led me to the change of my job after 6 years! And when you come home really late, you are tired and you really are not that eager to work more by creating tutorials. I pretty much hope that the new job, which I start in the month will be a lot better.

This week I at least started to re-work my old tutorials, as many things have changed meanwhile. I decided, that I will be keeping two version of my tutorials, one using SDL library and one using GLFW, because they are multi-platform and better than my pure Windows programming. I created a GitHub repository for that purpose and for now, I started with porting first three tutorials to SDL. So far there is only a Visual Studio 2015 project and I included both dependencies required - GLEW and SDL. You should simply clone or download the repository and the compilation will go smoothly. You can download it all here.

Megabyte Softworks OpenGL 4 Tutorials GitHub Repo

Also the code in the tutorials is re-used, like shaders, windows, also textures etc., because whenever I find a mistake in one of my tutorials, I need to change it in every single one, which is not nice. In the next days I will be commiting stuff to this repository, so pay attention to my website and I will keep you all informed.
2 Months And Update :)
After 2 months, I am reporting myself again .

I have been working on some personal programming stuff and not much on tutorials these 2 months plus there have been hoilidays and new year and so on, but now I finally seem to get some free time so I am planning to create 30th tutorial - this one is going to be about Motion Blur.

After this tutorial, I will rework some all my tutorials and I will add the same version of them using probably SDL for sure and probably GLFW, so that you can choose tutorial with your favorite lib .

So stay tuned and soon I will report again!
Article to 29th tutorial added
I made it! I wrote an article to the 29.) Terrain Pt.2 - Waving Grass! Go and check it out!

I hope you forgive me not writing these tutorial so often. I would like to, but there's so little time! Maybe there will come a day, where time won't be a problem anymore, but not today .

I also made a decision, that from next tutorial, I will stick to using some frameworks, either SDL or GLFW, because this pure Win32 approach is really difficult, especially for newcomers coders. So that from further tutorials, you won't need to read lots of totally graphics unrelated code .

And the next tutorial I will probably make will be Bullet Physics tutorial. I made my project called Physicsified long time ago and I promised to explain the stuff once (the code there is really a mess, being written ad-hoc). I haven't done it yet and I think that the time has come! So you can expect some interesting stuff coming .
29th Tutorial Up
Finally! I finished my tutorial about covering terrain with a grass! As always, it took me longer, because I've not been that stabilized last few weeks, been going to business trips and stuff like that.

Anyway, the 29.) Terrain Pt.2 - Waving Grass is here, so check it out and hopefully you will enjoy it .

I will add corresponding article hopefully ASAP, but this one is going to be pretty long, as there is so much stuff to explain .
Next Tutorial
Hi guys,

next tutorial is being finished (really, it is ) and it is about rendering a nice fields of grass over the terrain. I hope you will like it, I should really upload it during next weekend
Just an update
A small update telling what is going on - I have started working on another tutorial, which will be pretty interesting, but I won't reveal the topic yet :P I will reveal it after I return from vacation next week .
Article to 28th tutorial added

Today I uploaded article to 28th tutorial - 28.) Fonts Pt. 2 - Upgraded, so enjoy .

If you have some questions, the best way to commmunicate with me is via Facebook page (almost instant reply) and e-mail (within few hours). I will probably upgrade my webpage commentaries to use Facebook Social Plugin, my old simple PHP comment system really doesn't keep the pace with any new technologies .
Some news
No I didn't forget about you guys, I just have some work overload at my workplace, which kinda blocks me from working on this. But slowly but steady it's getting over and at most next week these deadline are going to be over, so I can finally finish older articles and repair some stuff.

Thank you all for still reading this not so frequently updated webpage !
28th Tutorial Online!

Today I uploaded 28th tutorial - 28.) Fonts Pt. 2 - Upgraded, which is an upgrade of 9th tutorial about freetype fonts. New tutorial runs faster, is more efficient and also supports Unicode characters, so you can print all those special characters in your language .

Article is partially written, I will try to finish it in the next few days .
Something Different This Time
This time I am not sharing a tutorial or an article with you, but drum cover instead . I recorded one this Saturday and I put it on YouTube, so you can check it out . Till then, you can check my first drum cover on YouTube ^^

Occlusion Query article added
I just uploaded an article, to Occlusion Query tutorial, so that you can understand how it works .

Next time I will repair Shadows and also come with some new tutorial, probably upgrading the terrain with infinite waving grass, so you can definitely look forward to it .
27th Tutorial!
Hello guys,

I just added another tutorial, this one is about Occlusion Query, a mechanism to discard rendering some objects by pre-determining whether it's visible. Article will be added later, because I still need to repair shadows - they don't work on nVidias plus there are some other mistakes, I will look on it ASAP, and I'm sorry that this shadow tutorial isn't much correct at the moment, I apologize.

So I hope you will be patient (as always ) and for now you will enjoy my occlusion query tutorial, which should be fine .
Article to Bump Mapping added

I managed to write an article after like 5 months :P You can't believe how happy I am now! So you can finally enjoy it. I also repaired some stuff in code. Here is a link: Bump Mapping.

And I encourage you to like my facebook page - the best way to keep in touch with me is to communicate through it. Of course, you can always use good old e-mail or this website, but I usually respond faster to some Facebook inquiries .
Happy New Year 2015!
Update2: Sorry guys, I am unreliable as always :P Had some rough days at work and had to work at weekends and I also wanted to spend some time with my GF lately, because I neglected her because of work :P Next weekend should be finally free for me, so I cannot NOT finish this article now

Update: I'm like halfway done with writing article to 25th tutorial :P

I wish happy new year to all of my readers! May you all live it in peace and love and health. I hope you will also stay loyal to my tutorials :)

I have finally started writing articles to 25th and 26th tutorial, I should put them up during next week, so stay tuned!
Merry Christmas Everyone!
Hi guys!

Are you surprised after loading this page today? After like 7 years I have finally updated the design of my webpage. Old one was not that good, but it was the best I could do back in 2007 . If you find any bugs, please report them to me somehow . I hope you will enjoy this new design as much as I enjoy it . But if you would from whatever reasons old good design back, just select the theme in the theme list on the right.

I would like to wish Merry Christmas to all of you my dear readers, so that you spend holidays in peace among your family and that you will have a nice little rest from the fast-paced life today .

This is the first step I want to do during my 2 weeks lasting holidays. I want to write the articles to the last 2 tutorials. So be patient and check-in regularly!
Small Update
Hi guys .

Just wanted to post an update of what am I working on now, so that you know what you can expect . I'm gonna have 2 full free weeks during christmas, which means that I am going to have time to work on tutorials.

First thing I would really like to do is to redesign this webpage quite a little. There will always be support for this current, not the best design that I made back in 2007, but I would like to create a more readable design. This is a must-be thing to improve quality of my webpage.

Second thing - after I'm done with webpage remake, I will finally write the articles to the last 2 tutorials, I'm sorry that they're not up yet :/

So I hope you will stay patient and until the New Year's Eve, you can expect some nice things .
26th Tutorial Up!
Hello fellow readers!

I've kept you waiting for almost 3 months, please forgive me :/ But finally, I have managed to upload brand new Shadow Mapping tutorial! Don't forget to check and enjoy it .

However, I still need to write articles for both Bump Mapping and Shadow Mapping tutorials, I just have too few free time and I usually work on tutorials during weekends, when I'm not on some small trip or just resting. So please be patient and be sure I really try to work on my tutorials, however it's pretty difficult to dedicate much time into it.

You can still show me support by either liking my Facebook page:

Or by supporting me directly by donating or becoming my Patron:

Patreon - Megabyte Softworks

So check the new tutorial out . I hope it will make you a little bit happier .
Tutorial Soon
Hi guys!

Of course I didn't keep my resolution to make tutorial on time . But I am really trying and as usual I'm busy being in a band, working fulltime, having a girlfriend and sometimes playing games like BioShock at the moment . But I am doing my best and just know that tutorial is soon to be done .

That's all folks!
Hi guys!

I'm back from my vacation in USA, it was really awesome .

Besides that, I'm working on next tutorial, and this time it is the one you all have been waiting for so long - shadows! First version will be just basic shadow mapping, then I will upgrade this tutorial with more advanced techniques.

I would like to finish it till the end of next week. I really hope I will keep this resolution .