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Tutorial 005 has been added!
Hi there

I have added another tutorial, this one is about implementing simple camera. You can move around the world now, which makes things really cool . Check it out here:

005.) Camera Pt.1 - Simple Walking Camera

As usual, article will be added soon, I suppose I can write during the weekend, topic this time is not super difficult .
Article to the fourth tutorial - Entering Third Dimension - is online!
I have written the article to the fourth OpenGL4 tutorial, this one has been extremely long, see for yourself :

004.) Entering Third Dimension

Took me a while to write it, but I have made it! Hope you will enjoy it .
Article to the third tutorial - Adding Colors - is there!
I have written the article to the third OpenGL4 tutorial, feel free to have a look here :

003.) Adding Colors

This one is rather short, but the fourth one, which I already work on will be a bit longer .
4th OpenGL4 Tutorial - Entering Third Dimension
I have created fourth OpenGL4 tutorial, this one is now rendering a simple cube and pyramid animation in 3D! You can check it out here :

004.) Entering Third Dimension

I have also added pre-build binaries to all OpenGL4 tutorials, so if you are not in mood to clone/pull tutorials GitHub repo and just want to see the result, you can simply download the tutorials now .

In the next days, I will work on an article to the third tutorial. Writing articles is the actual hard job, not the tutorial itself .
Article to tutorial First Shader has been added!
I have finally written an article to the second tutorial of my OpenGL 4 series! You can check it out here :

002.) First Shader

This one is probably the longest I have ever written, see for yourself .

Already working on tutorial 4, which will do 3D stuff for the first time. That OpenGL 4 series starts very similar to OpenGL3, but soon they will differ .
Third Tutorial - Adding Colors - added!

I have finally added third tutorial today! This one is about adding colors to our scene using shaders . You can get it by cloning / pulling the latest version of my tutorials repository here:

Megabyte Softworks OpenGL4 Tutorial Series Repository

Article is soon to be written, but I am in the middle of writing article to the second tutorial, that one is super long .

Article added!
After like half of a year, I am reporting myself I have added full article to the first OpenGL4 tutorial and I am already writing the second one! Have a look here:

001.) Creating OpenGL4 Window

Took me again forever to do something, but I think I have a pretty good excuse - I am going to get married in October and my life last half year has been extremely busy . But I really want to write those tutorials, I have so many ideas and so few time unfortunately.

Anyway, next week, there should be an article to the second tutorial and third tutorial (probably without article), so stay tuned !
Second OpenGL4 Tutorial added!
I have added second tutorial to my OpenGL 4 series! You can check it out here :

OpenGL4 Tutorial Series

This one is about creating our first shader and shader program, and rendering the first quad and triangle using them sml. As usual, tutorials can be download by cloning / pulling my OpenGL4 tutorials Github repository. The VS2017 solution should compile out of the box, but one must also clone submodules - I have added glm library as submodule.

Unfortunately I haven't written the article yet, but I should write an article for first and second tutorial during next holiday week . There I will explain everything in detail, even these git submodules, I promise .
OpenGL4 Tutorial Series added!
So as promised, I have finally started working on the new OpenGL4 tutorial series, that's brand new . You can have a look at it here:

Megabyte Softworks OpenGL4 Tutorial Series Repository
New Webpage!
Hello guys,

I have updated my webpage radically . Old one was really not very nice, not very beautiful, this one should be more appealing to the eye, I also have it the source code in my personal git, so the updating should be easier .

Generally, I have decided to re-evaluate what I've been doing in the last years, and I came to conclusion, that I will discontinue writing those OpenGL 3.3 tutorials, and rather I will begin writing a brand new OpenGL 4 series, going again step by step, also explaining all the fundamentals and so on. Old tutorials have many mistakes in it and I really want to start writing on a "green meadow".

Temporarily, I have disabled commenting, because it was lately full of spam, and I will upgraded discussion on my webpage, either using Disqus, or with Facebook Social Plugin.

I still preserved my old webpage, one can find it here:

So stay tuned and in the next days / weeks, new content should come and the webpage should keep getting better and better .
13th and 14th tutorial added!

I have overcome my laziness, found some time and because I had free weekend with nothing to do, I reworked another two tutorials. Hopefully I will utilize this good feeling that I have now . You can find them in the git repo, as usual:

Megabyte Softworks OpenGL 4 Tutorials GitHub Repo

My plan is to really rework / review all of these tutorials, because there are many many errors and inconsistencies there and it's not easy to review everything together with articles (eats up lots of time), but I will try. I look forward to the day I write something new .

I am also playing last half year with Unity engine and I am creating one testing 2D game called Super Soldier, that I will publish here later .
Happy New Year!
Finally I am back in work after holidays, so I want to wish my readers all the best in the new year .

This weekend I will have 3 free days, so at least one tutorial will be remade with SDL, I must do something, I am really lazy . Actually, if I have free time, I started learning Unity engine some time ago and I really like it, possibly I will do some tutorials or maybe a complete game how to do it.
12th Tutorial Added

I added 12th tutorial - Fog Outside - to my Git Repository.

Don't forget to set working directory in Visual Studio to "$(SolutionDir)bin\", if you want to run any of the tutorials directly from Visual Studio.

Finally, my probation period at new workplace is over which means I will have vacation days. Hopefully this will result in NEW tutorials, rather than just remaking old ones. But I would be really glad if I had all of them in VS2015, so that you guys can really easily download and build them . So stay tuned guys for more updates!
Tutorial 09, 10 and 11 added!

I added another 3 tutorials to my new GitHub repository - 09th, 10th and 11th . Check it out here as always:

Megabyte Softworks OpenGL 4 Tutorials GitHub Repo

Don't forget to set working directory in Visual Studio to "$(SolutionDir)bin\", if you want to run any of the tutorials directly from Visual Studio.

I have started working at new place and by the end of September, my trial period will be over. The new job seems to be a lot better than the previous one and I hope it will give me less stress and more time to really do something about these tutorials, it's been almost a year that I added one and that really makes me feel bad :/
Tutorial 07 and 08 added!

I added another 2 tutorials today, namely 07th and 08th to my GitHub repo . Check it out here as always:

Megabyte Softworks OpenGL 4 Tutorials GitHub Repo

Don't forget to set working directory in Visual Studio to "$(SolutionDir)bin\", if you want to run any of the tutorials directly from Visual Studio.

I really want to finish these conversions ASAP so that I can start making new tutorials and I am thinking of making Vulkan stuff, so check this website or like my facebook website .
Up to 6th Tutorial Converted
Hey, I just added another 3 tutorials to the new github repository:

Megabyte Softworks OpenGL 4 Tutorials GitHub Repo

So now there are first 6 tutorials. I had to add FreeImage library, but I just added library and dll, no compiling this time like I did with SDL and glew, but for you it doesn't matter anyway, because you just download the solution and press Build All and it will (should ) work .

There is still a lot of work to be done before I convert all 29 tutorials, but I really want to take care and also repair many many reported mistakes in these tutorials reported throughout the years. Then I want to add that anniversary 30th tutorial and then start porting them to Linux, so watch closely .
An Update! Is this even real life? :D
Wow, an update! From me! After such a long time

Well, I've been trying to dedicate some more time for tutorials and stuff, but I had really difficult times at my workplace, I mean there was always so much stuff to do and it led me to the change of my job after 6 years! And when you come home really late, you are tired and you really are not that eager to work more by creating tutorials. I pretty much hope that the new job, which I start in the month will be a lot better.

This week I at least started to re-work my old tutorials, as many things have changed meanwhile. I decided, that I will be keeping two version of my tutorials, one using SDL library and one using GLFW, because they are multi-platform and better than my pure Windows programming. I created a GitHub repository for that purpose and for now, I started with porting first three tutorials to SDL. So far there is only a Visual Studio 2015 project and I included both dependencies required - GLEW and SDL. You should simply clone or download the repository and the compilation will go smoothly. You can download it all here.

Megabyte Softworks OpenGL 4 Tutorials GitHub Repo

Also the code in the tutorials is re-used, like shaders, windows, also textures etc., because whenever I find a mistake in one of my tutorials, I need to change it in every single one, which is not nice. In the next days I will be commiting stuff to this repository, so pay attention to my website and I will keep you all informed.
2 Months And Update :)
After 2 months, I am reporting myself again .

I have been working on some personal programming stuff and not much on tutorials these 2 months plus there have been hoilidays and new year and so on, but now I finally seem to get some free time so I am planning to create 30th tutorial - this one is going to be about Motion Blur.

After this tutorial, I will rework some all my tutorials and I will add the same version of them using probably SDL for sure and probably GLFW, so that you can choose tutorial with your favorite lib .

So stay tuned and soon I will report again!
Article to 29th tutorial added
I made it! I wrote an article to the 29.) Terrain Pt.2 - Waving Grass! Go and check it out!

I hope you forgive me not writing these tutorial so often. I would like to, but there's so little time! Maybe there will come a day, where time won't be a problem anymore, but not today .

I also made a decision, that from next tutorial, I will stick to using some frameworks, either SDL or GLFW, because this pure Win32 approach is really difficult, especially for newcomers coders. So that from further tutorials, you won't need to read lots of totally graphics unrelated code .

And the next tutorial I will probably make will be Bullet Physics tutorial. I made my project called Physicsified long time ago and I promised to explain the stuff once (the code there is really a mess, being written ad-hoc). I haven't done it yet and I think that the time has come! So you can expect some interesting stuff coming .
29th Tutorial Up
Finally! I finished my tutorial about covering terrain with a grass! As always, it took me longer, because I've not been that stabilized last few weeks, been going to business trips and stuff like that.

Anyway, the 29.) Terrain Pt.2 - Waving Grass is here, so check it out and hopefully you will enjoy it .

I will add corresponding article hopefully ASAP, but this one is going to be pretty long, as there is so much stuff to explain .