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OpenGL4 Tutorial 012 about rendering fonts added!

Hello guys! I am bringing you yet another tutorial, this one is about rendering fonts! Finally, we don't have to set window title to provide some information to the user . You can check it out here:

012.) FreeType Fonts Pt. 1

This one took me a bit longer to create, because it was not an easy thing to do. Although I have created FreeType tutorial in the past, some things have also changed and today, I wanted to make sure, that I am programming it the right way and as optimal as possible .

Article will be added I suppose next week or week after .

Article to 11th tutorial - Indexed Rendering Torus online

I have finally written an article to the indexed rendering of torus. This has been one of the longest articles I have ever written, so take your time reading it .

011.) Indexed Rendering Torus

Tutorial 011 about indexed rendering is up!

Hello guys! I have written another tutorial, this time it is about indexed rendering. The object, that is rendered using indexed rendering is torus. Check it out below:

011.) Indexed Rendering Torus

As usual, you can pull the latest GitHub tutorial repository changes to access it or directly download the prebuilt version. Article will be written during next week I suppose .

Article to tutorial 010 added!

Finally! I have found some time and I have written an article to the 10th OpenGL4 tutorial, which is about refactoring. Check it out below:

010.) First Great Refactoring

Took me a bit longer to write, but it's new year and it took me a while to really boot up to 100% capacity . Next tutorial is in progress and will be about indexed rendering. We will use that to render cylinder .

Happy New Year & OpenGL4 Tutorial 010 added!

First of all, I would like to wish you happy new year, may it be full of success, joy and happiness !

I have just added another OpenGL tutorial . You can check it out here:

010.) First Great Refactoring

This one does not bring a new scene, but it definitely improved the quality of the code and introduces more systematic approach to maintain larger scenes in future tutorials. Article will be written in the coming days for sure .

Article to Orthographic 2D Projection tutorial is up!

I have written the article to my latest tutorial, check it out:

009.) Orthographic 2D Projection

This one is not too long, ideal for reading by the hearth during long winter nights . Enjoy!

Tutorial 009 has been added!

Hello guys! Today I bring you yet another tutorial, this one is about rendering stuff in 2D using orthographic projection! Just follow the link:

009.) Orthographic 2D Projection

And since it's Christmas Eve, I would also like to wish you Merry Christmas, full of joy, love and peace !

I expect to write the article by the end of the year, although I expect not to spend those days too much by computer.

OpenGL4 Tutorial 008 about Multitexturing is up!

Hey guys! I have created yet another tutorial, this time it's about multitexturing and it renders a very nice Christmas/Winter scene . Check it out here:

008.) Textures Pt.2 - Multitexturing

It's unbelievable, but this time, I have managed to write it together with article, I don't know how did that happen . So I hope you'll enjoy this one and that you will learn something new even before Christmas .

Article to OpenGL4 Tutorial 007 about Textures is up!

Took me a while, but I have finally done article to the textures tutorial! You can check it out here:

007.) Textures Pt.1 - Single Texture

It's been a pretty long one and that's why it took so much time, moreover it's almost Christmas Time and there are just too many events, so it's been a bit tougher to find some time .

Next tutorial will be about Multitexturing and this one should be easier to write for sure .

OpenGL4 Tutorial 007 about Textures is up!

After a small pause, I have added another OpenGL4 tutorial - this one is about textures and different filtering modes . I hope you'll enjoy it, just click on the link below :

007.) Textures Pt.1 - Single Texture

We deal only with mapping single texture yet, but next tutorial will be about applying multiple textures at once, so stay tuned!

Article as usual, will be added a bit later.

Article to the 6th OpenGL4 tutorial about flying camera has been added!

So the article of the flying camera tutorial is finally there! Took me a while to write it, but I've been travelling a lot lately for the company I work at and also to visit family, so there was less time than usual.

Check the article in the link below :

006.) Camera Pt.2 - Flying Camera

I'm already working on 7th tutorial, so check again soon (I expect I will upload it by the end of November, hopefully with article too )

OpenGL4 Tutorial 006 added!

I have added another tutorial, this one brings you improved camera, with which you can fly around the scene using WSAD keys and mouse . You can have a look here:

006.) Camera Pt.2 - Flying Camera

I am already writing article, but it takes some time, it's always more difficult than to just code the tutorial .

Article to the 5th tutorial has been added!
I have added article to the 5th tutorial just now, you can check it out here:

005.) Camera Pt.1 - Simple Walking Camera

Next tutorial will explain, how to use mouse to control the camera .
Tutorial 005 has been added!
Hi there

I have added another tutorial, this one is about implementing simple camera. You can move around the world now, which makes things really cool . Check it out here:

005.) Camera Pt.1 - Simple Walking Camera

As usual, article will be added soon, I suppose I can write during the weekend, topic this time is not super difficult .
Article to the fourth tutorial - Entering Third Dimension - is online!
I have written the article to the fourth OpenGL4 tutorial, this one has been extremely long, see for yourself :

004.) Entering Third Dimension

Took me a while to write it, but I have made it! Hope you will enjoy it .
Article to the third tutorial - Adding Colors - is there!
I have written the article to the third OpenGL4 tutorial, feel free to have a look here :

003.) Adding Colors

This one is rather short, but the fourth one, which I already work on will be a bit longer .
4th OpenGL4 Tutorial - Entering Third Dimension
I have created fourth OpenGL4 tutorial, this one is now rendering a simple cube and pyramid animation in 3D! You can check it out here :

004.) Entering Third Dimension

I have also added pre-build binaries to all OpenGL4 tutorials, so if you are not in mood to clone/pull tutorials GitHub repo and just want to see the result, you can simply download the tutorials now .

In the next days, I will work on an article to the third tutorial. Writing articles is the actual hard job, not the tutorial itself .
Article to tutorial First Shader has been added!
I have finally written an article to the second tutorial of my OpenGL 4 series! You can check it out here :

002.) First Shader

This one is probably the longest I have ever written, see for yourself .

Already working on tutorial 4, which will do 3D stuff for the first time. That OpenGL 4 series starts very similar to OpenGL3, but soon they will differ .
Third Tutorial - Adding Colors - added!

I have finally added third tutorial today! This one is about adding colors to our scene using shaders . You can get it by cloning / pulling the latest version of my tutorials repository here:

Megabyte Softworks OpenGL4 Tutorial Series Repository

Article is soon to be written, but I am in the middle of writing article to the second tutorial, that one is super long .

Article added!
After like half of a year, I am reporting myself I have added full article to the first OpenGL4 tutorial and I am already writing the second one! Have a look here:

001.) Creating OpenGL4 Window

Took me again forever to do something, but I think I have a pretty good excuse - I am going to get married in October and my life last half year has been extremely busy . But I really want to write those tutorials, I have so many ideas and so few time unfortunately.

Anyway, next week, there should be an article to the second tutorial and third tutorial (probably without article), so stay tuned !