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Article to tutorial 022 added!

Three weeks later, I have added article to the 22nd article of my OpenGL4 series about cylinder and sphere . Check it out below:

022.) Cylinder And Sphere

Next tutorial I have already decided to be about point lights, other topics that will come sooner or later are particle systems, metaballs, keyframe / skeletal animation and much more .

Tutorial 022 - Cylinder And Sphere - has been added!

One more month has passed and I bring you another tutorial. This time it's about generating meshes for further two primitives - cylinder and sphere! You can find the tutorial here:

022.) Cylinder And Sphere

I've put a lot of effort into this one, as I've created a simple solar system in this one . You can play around a lot in this one and you can control many things, see for yourself . I got inspired to do something like this by SpaceX first human flight mission, that took place exactly yesterday (at the time of writing this news), so that's why I created a bit more unusual scenery and environment .

As usual, article will be added later, because writing an article is sometimes even more difficult than writing the code itself .

Article to tutorial 021 finally added!

Finally I have finished writing the article for specular highlight calculation! I have re-used ancient texts from OpenGL3 tutorial series and refined them a bit . Have a look here:

021.) Specular Highlight

Next tutorial is already in progress and will teach you, how can we render cylinder and sphere .

Tutorial 021 about specular highlight added!

After two and half months, I am bringing you another tutorial, this one is about specular highlight! Check it out here:

021.) Specular Highlight

It took me a bit longer than usual, but I was really overwhelmed last months. Anyway I hope you will enjoy it . I will add article a bit later.

Because of the corona virus outbreak, the company I work for has decided to do a two-week complete shutdown as a prevention measure. For me that means I will work on tutorials basically full time now for two weeks, so I plan to finish the support for CMake completely, add support for VS2019 and some minor refactor of older tutorials. I will keep you updated!

Article to tutorial 020 finally added!

Article to the fog tutorial is online, check it out here:

020.) Fog

Took me just a week longer than my estimation (last weekend), but it's quicker than last time! Hey, and also stay tuned for the new tutorial, this time I won't say any timeframe, but soonish .

Tutorial 020 about fog has been added!

So as I promised, I'm delivering another tutorial this weekend. Well, it's already after weekend , but in Slovakia, we do have a prolonged weekend as today is a national holiday, so it still counts, right ?

This one is about how to implement fog. I've just re-used scene from the last time, but added a snowy skybox as it's currently winter . You can find it here:

020.) Fog

As usual, I will write article a bit later, hopefully next weekend .

Wishing all the best for you in 2020!

Dear readers of my webpage,

I just wanted to tell you that you're awesome and wanted to wish you all the best in the new year 2020 !

As regards tutorials, I have almost finished my 20th tutorial and will upload it on the coming weekend, so check again on Sunday or so .

Article to OpenGL4 tutorial 019 about Assimp model loading has been added!

I have finished writing an article for my latest tutorial, you can find at tutorial's page:

019.) Assimp Model Loading

I hope you will enjoy it! I've already started working on next tutorial, topic of which I won't reveal yet .

OpenGL4 Tutorial 19 about loading models using Assimp added!

Hello guys! . So after 6 long weeks, I come with another tutorial! And finally I have implemented reading models using Assimp library. Check it out here:

019.) Assimp Model Loading

It took me a while to finish it, but the problem was adding Assimp to all of this was a bit more difficult then I have expected. At the moment, I haven't done CMake version yet, only this VS2017 version and it seems to work, I'm just not very happy with the way I have solved it, but at least it works (on my machine at least ). One simply has to download prerequisities after cloning repository by launching the added script download_prerequisities.bat (it updates submodules and also downloads pre-built Assimp libraries, as they're quite huge to reside in repository). Soon I will also add CMake version and maybe later I will make a better solution for this VS2017.

Anyway I didn't want to prolong this forever, so enjoy the current version for now at least .

Article to OpenGL4 tutorial 018 has been finally added!

Hello guys! It's been a while since any update and it's because I've been super busy in the summer - there was just lots of events happening that I have attended lately (family visits and 3 weddings) and every weekend I've been travelling to somewhere else, so I wasn't stabilized in order to write an article. But finally, I did it during this weekend and you can find it here :

018.) Heightmap Pt. 3 - Multiple Layers

As mentioned before, my next tutorial will finally be about loading 3D models from files, so stay tuned!

Tutorial 018 about multilayered heightmap has been added!

Another week went by and again I bring something new! This time, it's the last tutorial about heightmaps for a while and it teaches you how to use multiple layers within a heightmap and how to transition smoothly between them! Check it out here:

018.) Heightmap Pt. 3 - Multiple Layers

The article will be written a bit later as usual . My next tutorial will finally be about loading 3D models from files, so stay tuned! I hope I finish article next weekend and then within two weeks new tutorial .

All the best for the upcoming week fellow readers !

CMake support for Windows has been added!

Finally I've finished CMake support for my tutorials, but only on Windows for now. It took me a while, as I had several problems with FreeType especially, but after lots of googling and trying, I just made it my way for now and it works in the end, so that's cool .

Linux support is going to be added soon. I know that on Linux things work much more different than on Windows, but from my work I know how to use CMake on Linux properly, I just need some more time for that and a native Linux computer, where I can test the compiled code, if it works properly.

18th tutorial is on its way and will come next weekend !

Article to 17th tutorial about heightmaps and skybox has been added!

As promised, I'm bringing you yet another article to my latest tutorial! Check it out right here!

017.) Heightmap Pt.2 - From Image and Skybox

I wanted to finish it during the weekend, but it's just so hot in Slovakia (and everywhere), that it's really difficult to sit by computer . But finally I've done it, so I hope it will serve you well .

Tutorial 017 about heightmaps from image and skybox has been added!

After 3 weeks, I come with a new tutorial! This time, it's about extending skybox class with loading a terrain from image and surrounding our scene with a skybox! Check it out here in this link:

017.) Heightmap Pt.2 - From Image and Skybox

As usually, I will come with article a bit later, I suppose next weekend . Besides, I have started to work on CMake support for my tutorials! It's done to some extent in a separate branch called cmake-support, in case you would be interested. I should finish it in relatively close time, just had some problem with FreeType.

I wish you a nice and successful week !

Article to 16th tutorial about Heightmap is finally up!

Took me a while, but I've finally written the article for the Heightmap tutorial! Check it out right here:

016.) Heightmap Pt.1 - Random Terrain

It took me a while to write it, but the reason is, that I've been on a vacation with my wife in Dominican Republic for 2 weeks and during that time, I was not working of course . But now the article is there for you to read, I hope you'll enjoy .

OpenGL4 Tutorial 016 about Heightmap added!

After a bit longer time, I'm back with a new tutorial! This time it's heightmap - what is it, how to implement it and how can one generate a random terrain using it! you can check it out here:

016.) Heightmap Pt.1 - Random Terrain

Last weeks I've been just travelling a lot, every weekend some place else, so I just couldn't find a continuous time to finish the tutorial. Article will be added as soon as possible - I hope I will do it during next weekend .

Article to Tutorial 015 about Geometry Shaders is up!

Finally, I've made it! I have added article to the 15th tutorial about geometry shaders after 2 weeks! Sorry for the delay, it's just typical that before Easter holidays life is usually a bit busier than otherwise. Check it out here:

015.) Geometry Shaders

I hope you will enjoy it .

Tutorial 015 about Geometry Shaders is up!

Another week has passed and another tutorial has been added! This time it's about geometry shaders and how can we use them to render normals of our geometry. Check it out right now here!

015.) Geometry Shaders

As usual, article will be written a bit later, I suppose next weekend. Stay tuned!

Article to Tutorial 014 Normals and Diffuse Lighting has been added!

Finally I have written article to the 14th tutorial of my OpenGL4 series about normals and diffuse lighting:

014.) Normals and Diffuse Lighting

Took me a while to write this one for two reasons - one is that I've been travelling a lot around Slovakia lately (because of presidential elections) and also the article itself is pretty long . Enjoy!

OpenGL4 Tutorial 014 about Normals and Diffuse Lighting is up!

Today I have added yet another tutorial of my OpenGL4 series. It's been added in a relatively quick succession, just 5 days after previous . You can find it here:

014.) Normals and Diffuse Lighting

However, article will be written a bit later, it's going to be a bit longer. Until then, you can play around with this tutorial, there are pretty many controls you can play around with and see the different settings having different effects!