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Article to tutorial 030 (MD2 keyframe animation) is up after 5 months!

Hello, guys, I have finally written the article about MD2 keyframe animation , check it out in the link below.

030.) Animation Pt.1 - Keyframe MD2

Took me really long as my son started to walk and since then it's been just a very difficult time to do something because paying attention to him was really exhausting and in the evenings I was just too tired to do something (you know - work, family, some exercising). But finally I wrote it, so enjoy .

Tutorial 030 about MD2 keyframe animation added!

Finally after little longer than 3 months I come with a new tutorial! This one is exciting and is about MD2 keyframe model animation! Check it out here:

030.) Animation Pt.1 - Keyframe MD2

I am really sorry that it takes me so long, but since I have became a father in April 2021, I really see that the free time is a luxury . But don't worry, I don't plan to cease with the tutorials at all, I have so many ideas in my head it just takes really long to transform them to something real.

As always, you can find the code in the tutorials GitHub repository. The code has not been 100% polished yet, but it's written in a pretty nice manner.

Article to tutorial 029 (rendering to a texture) added!

Unbelievable - an update - I have finally written the article to my 29th tutorial:

029.) Framebuffer Rendering to a Texture

It has been really challenging for me to find some spare time in between settling in new place and having a family now, but finally I gathered all my mental power to write and finish the article, so enjoy .

Tutorial 029 about rendering to a texture added!

After more than two months, I have finally came with new tutorial, this time it's about rendering to a texture! Check it out in the link below:

029.) Framebuffer Rendering to a Texture

This feature can be used to program security cameras, portals and similar stuff . Code is in the GitHub dev branch already, however it hasn't been polished / documented yet (but it's working) and I will do so in the coming days. Realistically, I think I could come up with an article and whole code polished by the end of this month. Now that I am a father, it's tougher than ever to find time for this passion of mine, but I'm not going to stop because I have so many ideas still left to bring to life !

Article to tutorial 028 has been finally added!

Finally! I have managed to write an article to the 28th tutorial of my OpenGL4 series! Check it out here:

028.) Framebuffer 3D Color Picking

It took me a while because I'm currently undergoing big life changes. I have a newborn 3 months old son and also I'm in the middle of moving from the capital of Slovakia back to my hometown Vranov nad Toplou, which is located on the other side of Slovakia . This all leaves me a very little free time and that's why it took me so long. But now I did, so enjoy .

OpenGL4 Tutorial 028 about 3D framebuffer color picking is online!

Another month has passed but I finally managed to finish another tutorial! You will learn about 3D picking using color picking method and you will learn about framebuffers and renderbuffers! Check it out here:

028.) Framebuffer 3D Color Picking

This one took me a while for several reasons - one of them is that I became a father 3 weeks ago and another was, that I struggled a bit with this tutorial, because I wanted to implement it perfectly, but eventually I gave up and implemented it just good enough (I will explain this in article later). Code is already in my GitHub Repository, I will maybe do small adjustments in the coming days, but the tutorial is working fine and that's the most important thing .

Article to the OpenGL4 tutorial 027 about occlusion query is up!

Hello fellow readers of my webpage . I have written an article to the occlusion query tutorial, check it out:

027.) Occlusion Query

I would also like to wish you all Happy Easter Holidays, although they are almost over and I'm bit late .

OpenGL4 Tutorial 027 about occlusion query is there!

After several weeks, I have written yet another tutorial, check it out here:

027.) Occlusion Query

As usual, I just coded the tutorial, code can be found on my GitHub and article will be written relatively soon .

Article to the OpenGL4 Tutorial 026 about orbit camera is online!

Finally I managed to write the article to the orbit camera tutorial, find it here:

026.) Camera Pt.3 - Orbit Camera

I hope you'll enjoy it . Moreover, for the first time I have tried to compile and run the tutorials on Linux Ubuntu running on real machine with a GPU and it worked! I was so happy, I've never seen my tutorials really running on Linux yet (because I compile them on virtual machine only in Oracle VirtualBox) and then I can't run them, because it's not so easy to virtualize your GPU. I've observed some problems with Assimp models, but other tutorials worked . I will investigate once I have access to the Linux with GPU again (or I will install dual boot on my PC).

Visual Studio 2019 and other code updates

Hello fellow readers, I made some updates to the code base of the OpenGL4 tutorials lately. Most importantly, I have finally updated the solution to the Visual Studio 2019 and also made several changes in the whole code, that should lead to better code quality . Be sure to check it in my OpenGL4 tutorials GitHub repository:

Megabyte Softworks OpenGL4 Tutorials GitHub Repository

Other than that, I have finally made my website https and I have also started to write the article for the 26th tutorial, so stay tuned!

OpenGL4 Tutorial 026 about orbit camera is online!

As I promised, I bring you another tutorial. But this time, it's going to be much simpler than the previous one, which was infinitely long . It's about implementing basic orbit camera using spherical coordinates. Find it here:

026.) Camera Pt.3 - Orbit Camera

You will also learn how to render wireframe models, in case you didn't know . Article will be done relatively soon, as this tutorial isn't that difficult and it shouldn't take me too long to write it.

Article to the tutorial 025 about transform feedback particle system is up!

It took me forever, but here it is:

025.) Transform Feedback Particle System

Honestly, this is the longest article I have ever written, that's why it took me far longer than I've expected. But here it is, so enjoy .

My next tutorial will definitely be something simpler, so that I don't have to write such long articles .

All the best for the new year 2021!

I would like to wish you all the best for the new year 2021! May your wishes and dreams come true . I hope that this year I will keep on bringing lots of new programming content. I'm pretty satisfied with what I have delivered last year, I hope I will keep similar regularity this year .

In the meantime, I have merged the final / polished version of the 25th tutorial about transform feedback particle system to the master branch. I have also added CMake support for that one.

Tutorial 025 about transform feedback particle system added!

After quite some time, I have managed to finish the 25th tutorial of my OpenGL 4 series . It's about transform feedback and how can it be used to program particle system. Find it here:

025.) Transform Feedback Particle System

It took me a while, but I really put a lot of effort into this one, there are lots of features and things to learn . Article is not done yet as usual, it will be added later. The code is in GitHub (on dev branch), however it's not yet polished properly, I will do so in the coming days .

And to all my fellow readers - I wish you merry and joyful Christmas .

Next tutorial soon!

Next weekend, I will publish next and last tutorial of this year . It's been quite some time since last news, but that's just how it is before Christmas - everything just goes so fast! But I'm not chilling, I've been working a bit on my tutorials and I unified style of documentation and indentation (4 spaces instead of tab) throughout the whole project.

I also plan to update my tutorials to use VS 2019 till the end of the year. And what will come next year? I suppose that Visual Studio 2021 will come out so I will add support for that as well and I hope I can deliver ~10 tutorials next year, I have many ideas in my head, it just takes some time and effort to write a good tutorial .

So stay tuned and check next weekend!

Article to the tutorial 024 about uniform buffer objects has been added!

After (only ) two weeks, I have managed to write an article to my latest tutorial about uniform buffer objects! Check it out:

024.) Uniform Buffer Object

This one is pretty long, but don't get discouraged! It's a very good knowledge useful for your 3D graphics career .

Tutorial 024 about uniform buffer objects added!

One more month has passed and I bring you a very cool tutorial this time! It's about Uniform Buffer Objects . They exist to help us re-use uniform data among several shader programs, so that we have to set them only once and then use when needed. The tutorial can be found here:

024.) Uniform Buffer Object

I hope you'll enjoy it and also learn something new . You can add new point lights with Space key and reset them with 'R' key .

Article is not yet done, but I suppose I should write it until the end of this month .

CMake support finalization

As I had a free day this week, I have finally decided to review and finalize CMake support of my OpenGL4 tutorials. If you pull now the latest changes, the tutorials can now be built using CMake both on Windows and Unix based systems!

I'm not 100% happy with the CMake solution, especially for Windows, but for now it's at least something and most importantly it works, so it's better than nothing . I might still upgrade the CMake build in the future, but at least I wanted to have all tutorials covered.

I have also successfully built the tutorials on my Linux Ubuntu 18.04 virtual machine. I couldn't run them however, but it's because virtual Linux doesn't support OpenGL 4.4 Context. I need to find a machine with Linux natively to try it out. But I guess if they compile without any issues, I really hope they will run too . The documentation and how-tos can be found in my repository.

Megabyte Softworks OpenGL4 Tutorials GitHub Repository

Article to OpenGL4 tutorial 023 added!

So after 3 weeks, I have written the article to my 23rd OpenGL4 tutorial about point lights, you can read it here:

023.) Point Lights

Regarding further tutorials, I have started working on 24th one, topic of which I will reveal soon, so stay tuned .

Tutorial 023 - Point Lights - has been added!

I'm sorry that it took me ~2 months to bring another tutorial, but it's finally out! It's about point lights and you can find here:

023.) Point Lights

It took me a bit longer because I had lots of activities almost every weekend (because it was holiday) and so I did not have many free weekends. Even if I did, I was glad to just be at home and to rest .

As usual, article will be added later .